San Diego Eats - Part 1

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It's literally been over a year since I've posted in this space, but I'm going to casually ignore that. Let's get right back to it! I moved down to San Diego a couple months ago for work and I have to admit I've spent every spare second of my free time eating. San Diego is a huge city and there are little food gems hidden in every corner. Luckily for me, I have a few friends down here to show me the ropes. Here's a list of the places we've ventured to so far with photos of all our munchies! 
*mostly from my instagram since my camera dreams have yet to pan out. Insert sad face here. 

1. Carnita's Snack Shack
This is literally a shack hidden over on University Avenue, but you can't miss it. Seriously, there's a giant wooden pig on top of it. Carnita's is a pretty popular place so there's usually a line. We didn't wait too long to order though. There's seating around the back of the shack and it's got kind of a casual hipster vibe to it. We were starving when we got there so maybe that made the food seem even better, but either way it was delicious!


The boypren and I split a BLT and Carnita's steak sandwich with a side of fries. The fries came with homemade bacon ketchup, which I wasn't a particularly huge fan but everyone else seemed to dig it. If you go, definitely get the steak sandwich. It was amazing. Our friends ordered another steak sandwich and the Triple Threat, which is this giant tower of deep-fried heart-attack, I mean meat. 

2. Board & Brew
It was a sandwich-y weekend, I guess. 'Cause the next morning we went to Board & Brew and grabbed more sandwiches for lunch. I didn't love these as much, but that may have something to do with the veggies. I'm not a veggies girl. Keep those tomatoes and onions away fom me please. We got the Turkado and the Baja Grilled Chicken sandwich with a side of potato salad. Board & Brew has this special sauce with their sandwiches, it's sweet with a teensy bit of a tang. The baja with a little bit of the special sauce was my favorite. Alan ate too much of the Turkado. Really, he had to take a nap in the parking lot after. Not sure if I would make the trip back, especially since finding parking was an absolute disaster, but it was the Fourth of July, so who knows?

3.Fig Tree Cafe
We were actually trying to go to Hash House a Go Go for brunch, but the wait was ridiculous so we rounded the corner and went down the street to Fig Tree Cafe. It was the world's longest brunch. I'm not even sure what took so long, but in between the wait to be seated, for food and dessert...we were there for about four hours. Not even kidding, we had to refill our parking meter twice. The food was okay. I wish there was more fruit in my stuffed french toast. Most of them were canned, too. Alan got the meat loaf hash, which he said was a little too pesto-y. All-in-all, it wasn't a bad brunch spot, but Hash House a Go Go is still on the to-eat list! 

That's it for now, but I'll be back with more later! :) Stick around for more foods!

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