BABS - Cheese Packed Burgers

So the boyfriend came down to San Diego to spend the weekend with me for my birthday and we were suddenly hit with a big burger craving. We yelped and BABS popped up. BABS, or Bao's Amazing Burgers and Sandwiches, is a tiny place in an overcrowded plaza where the burgers melt and fall apart in your hands. The patties are packed with different cheeses depending on your order and they ooze everywhere. It's definitely a heavy, heavy meal, but if you're craving some greasy chow and you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, this is the place. 

We got the Parmesan Swiss and the Texas BBQ Burgers with a side of criss-cross and regular seasoned fries. I really liked their seasoned fries for some reason. They had a subtle flavor that was a little more interesting than the straight salt you usually get from seasoned fries.  

There's a huge selection of delicious sounding items and I'll probably be back the next time I need my fill of fatty food. 

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